Your Taste of HB - Château Haut-Bailly 1964 by Cosmin Grozea (Feb 2013)

HB 1964

" I bought this bottle more than a year ago and got it at a better price because the external appearance was very bad. There is not much left from the label, the outside looks like it has been through hell and fire, but the fill level inside was great.

I planned to open the bottle 2-3 hours in advance, but considering that my other friends suggested that I should open the wines, I postponed the operation and did it at the restaurant. It proved to be a wise decision because the wine was ready to be enjoyed immediately after the cork was removed. Any further aeration would probably have just spoiled the wine.

The aromas of pure fruit started immediately to get out of the bottle. As bad as it looked on the outside, the wine was absolutely fantastic.

The color is a saturated ruby red, with some orange on the rim, but clean and perfect limpidity. The bouquet is drop dead gorgeous, as it preserves completely unaltered primary aromas of red fruits: fresh raspberries, strawberries and black currant, everything covered with cedar, smoke and mineral, Graves character, building a very complex nose as it breathes and opens up in the glass. With aeration, aromas of game and blood kick in. Overall a deep, profound and complex bouquet of considerable intensity.

There is no way that served blind you could guess its age.

In the mouth the wine continues to deliver: it has depth, flesh, perfect balance and unaltered structure, fresh and silky, maturing but still vigorous and youthful, fully integrated tannins, showing generous red fruit, coffee bean and cedar flavors. The finish is medium to long and brings unbelievable freshness with some discreet signs of tannins that still bite your gums enough to mark their presence. The wine is liquid silk and pure joy. It can also hold further. "

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